That’s great slimming advice hope you choke on skinny pants

illusionofheightI was doing a little online shopping when I spotted a sale on “shape shifters;” clothes that make you look slimmer than you are. Usually, my “slimming trick” is to just never go out in public and only post 10 year-old photos to my social media accounts, but I was willing to give these tricky smocks a chance. After all, the little extra cushion around my middle isn’t my fault. Why should I have to own it?  It isn’t like I invented Cadbury Caramellos. It’s not like I invented Nutella. It’s not like I invented dipping a Cadbury Caramello in Nutella and rolling it in graham cracker dust, sitting it on top of shortbread cookies and toasting it with a marshmallow Fluff on top.

Ok, I might have invented that one.

As I was flipping through the “shape shifters,” I started to notice that, in addition to pushing belly-slimming clothes, they were also sharing  tips and tricks to help me create the illusion of thinness. I could be a chubby little Criss Angel. A dimpled David Blaine. Only instead of turning myself skinnypantsinto a mystical douche-bag, I would appear magically thinner!

Here was my first tip:

Create the illusion of height by wearing a vertical stripe and being a wafer-thin model.

Brilliant! Why hadn’t I thought of that? All you have to do is look at her and you can see this trick totally works.

And what’s this?

I can look longer and leaner if I melt myself down into a liquid and pour myself into skinny pants?

middleWhy had no one told me this before?

All this time, I’d thought skinny pants were actually “arm warmers” with a really confusing name. Turns out there is a way to get a human leg into them! I mean if this porker in the ad can get into them, how could I not?

I can also “whittle my middle” by wearing mirrored stripes. This works two ways:

1. The shirt gives those around you such terrible vertigo, that they physically cannot focus on your tummy.

2. The dizziness forces them to toss any cookies they might have eaten themselves.

See? This shirt doesn’t just slim you, it slims everyone.

poochBut this last trick I don’t get:

Strategically drape clothing over unwanted pooch?

I love pooches. I’d adopt them all if I could. And frankly, if I did have an unwanted pooch, I wouldn’t tuck it up under my skirt. That poor Pomeranian she has balled up in there has to be uncomfortable. Though, he’s probably warm.


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11 Responses

  1. Molly

    This made me snort out my OJ. Also, I am pretty sure I have never seen ‘mirrored diagonals’ on anyone who wasn’t already the size of a wall. So I will take that advice with a grain of salt, add some more salt, and then eat it noisily.


    • Amy Vansant

      Yeah I don’t think “vertigo” ever did anything for anyone. I just go with black. And then I sit on my sofa.


  2. Stef

    Exactly my thoughts on these ads…”yeah…she DEFinitely needs some shape-wear.”

    What they need to show is how these look on the ACTUAL people who would need this type of garment (like me). Unfortunately the resulting pictures, as I can clearly see when I look in the mirror, would NOT be good advertising for the garments.



    • Amy Vansant

      They have skinny models, and they have “plus size” models, but nobody every has “little bloated from the weekend, maybe had too many donuts last month” models!


      • Carrie

        Why isn’t there a “I just accidentally ate a Big Mac and Large Fry” model. Her I need to see


  3. Pickleope

    These tricks are soooo convincing when demonstrated on waif-thin models. “Try liposuction then buying clothes. The clothes will hide all that excess skin.” I can do this too. (Please hire me, I’m so poor.)


  4. Chooplah

    Yes. yes yes yes yes yes yes yes. Also that “strategically draped pooch hider” looks like she accidentally tucked her skirt into her underwear in the bathroom of a Denny’s at 2:00 am after a long night of vodka sodas and man hunting.



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