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7 Responses

  1. Kathleen Costa

    Wow! I thought all those same things along with everyone’s dirty faces, matted hair, and bad breath (No toothpaste or mouthwash!). Thanks for the morning giggle!


    • Brenda

      Well, you’ve sold me! Can’t wait till your book is finished. Where I didn’t care for the movies, I loved the Outlander book series. I loved the story, but always skipped the sex scenes. They were way too much! And I’m no prude—still, leave some things up to the imagination, please! Cozy is more to my liking.
      MANY years ago, my husband and I traveled on the train through France. It seemed everyone smoked and nobody bathed. They probably brushed their teeth, I don’t remember checking. I do recall wondering how any woman could snuggle up to someone who smelled so foul…but then, the women smelled as bad. So perhaps they didn’t notice.


  2. Jan Alexander

    Too funny. I thought I was the only one to have those thoughts.


  3. Libby Dodd

    Reading Swiss Family Robinson I kept asking where the bathroom was. Everything else was so elaborate and clearly described. it made no sense to me!


  4. Tina aka Lady Moon aka Luna Moon Ullrich

    My mind say ok you don’t smell like Georgo or Armani but that is the time. I did wonder why she, Claire, didn’t ask for soap and water more often since she is in the medical field and knows about these things.


  5. Catherine

    I have often wondered that myself. Especially with the comments regarding long shiny hair how is that possible with no shampoo or conditioner? Still the fantasy aspect always rescues me.


  6. Christa Gettys

    I’m glad the Diana keeps it real with people actually going to the bathroom and farting and dealing with periods in “the olden days” I learned a lot about that with Clan of the Cave Bear Series by Jean Auel. She wrote about everything in everyday life. even how to avoid UTI’s (always pee and rinse after sex) Plus what they used for TP (moss if was available if not, that is why in some countries you don’t touch each other’s left hand) birth control (yes native Americans used it even in the 19th century) all kinds of medical stuff that Claire as a nurse is clueless about. Glad she spoke to the witch and learned a few things LOL I keep to the fantasy in my books. I have no problems at all writing about it but the folks who proofread it got all squicked out. I do touch on potty time in the woods for both genders though LOL Oh and how cave men brushed their teeth was pretty cool too.