The Magicatory


Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000031_00003]The Magicatory
by Amy Vansant

A fantastical adventure for kids! Running out of fantasy books to buy your voracious little reader? Here you go!

  • Genre: Children’s chapter book
  • Age: From 4th Grade advanced-reader to “loved Harry Potter” adult!
  • Available on Amazon Kindle and Paperback
  • Free with Kindle Unlimited

It’s got:

  • Pegacorns!
  • Wizards/Mages!
  • Kid’s with magical powers!
  • Dragons!
  • Zombies!
  • Adventure!
  • Parallel Universes!
  • A smart aleck narrator who may just be myself!
  • Mythology!
  • Both clever humor and terrible kid jokes!

Sorry about all the exclamation points. I sort of had to put one after pegacorns and then I just lost control.


Brian, Anna, Marc and Cecily stumble into a wizard’s spell and are swept to the Magicatory, the magical factory/laboratory where everything is made. Too bad they picked a lousy time to visit! A mysterious girl and a horde of goblins is planning an attack, one of the shape-shifting mages has been kidnapped, and a crazed dodo bird is on the loose. Now the lost siblings have to figure out how to use their new superpowers before the multiverse is destroyed and they can never return to Earth!

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