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7 Responses

  1. Melissa Marie

    This is the kind of shit that keeps me up a night. Electrical fire induced diabetes. I mean, seriously. It’s like we’re never safe.


  2. Suzanne Lucas

    Lol, obviously Gary is a quick thinker in a crisis situation. Let me know if he ever confirms a link between fire and diabetes because I’ll have to shut down my fireplace.

    On a more serious note, glad to see no one was hurt.


  3. Katie

    You are very quick on your feet in times of crisis! I’m pretty sure after a few Gatorade cocktails I would have been spinning around in circles going “ohmygod there’s a fire, ohmygod there’s a fire.” I quite possibly would have tried to pour a Gatorade cocktail on top of it, which probably wouldn’t have helped much.

    Glad you’re all okay!


  4. Katie

    Glad to hear no-one was hurt! Cocktail-drunk me would’ve definitely INSISTED on Charades. I love Charades. xxx