There’s an octopus in my toilet

octopus toilet decalEver look at your toilet and think, “Hmmm… I wish my throne was more threatening, but in a whimsical tentaclely way…”

Now you’re in luck!

Check out this beauty I (noted octopus freak) bought from Amanda on Etsy at Good Golly Graphics.  It is a decal (like Colorforms – remember those?), not a sticker, and was super easy to apply. Even though we initially screwed up one of the legs, we were able to peel that bit off and fix it with no problem, so don’t worry when you apply the decal with your shaky hands that you’re doomed to have a wonky octopus on your toilet. (here’s the link directly to the octopus).

Amanda is super nice and dedicated, and has all sorts of decals you didn’t know you needed but now you’ll have to have. For instance, you didn’t even know your mixer wasn’t sexy enough, did you?

leopard mixer

Or that the real chandelier you have hanging in your bedroom is sadly lacking in birds:

chandelier graphic

Or that your washer really does eat your socks…

washer decal

When I posted my toilet octopus on Twitter everyone seemed to like it, so I thought I’d make sure you know you can find all this great stuff on Etsy at Good Golly Graphics. Life is too short to have boring appliances! Or toilets, walls, cars…

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  1. Katie

    OOOOH I like this!! I’ve already drawn octopi all over various ceramic things, but only crockery-based stuff. Our toilet cistern is definitely getting a tentacle-y makeover. xxx



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