Trade you my Grand Wizard for your Goebbels

While visiting Pennsyltucky last weekend I had the good fortune of running into this gem. The article announces an upcoming auction of Nazi and Klan collectibles. Few things I found interesting:

1. Note the friendly, upbeat headline: Want Klan or Nazi stuff? Hey kids! Free bar of soap with every purchase! I guess “Germany’s Shame for Sale to Sick Bastards” was too long to fit.

2. The sub-headline says: KKK and Nazi items will be sold at auction today. York County memorabilia is on display, too.

Coincidence? Maybe….

3. Who is responsible for this auction, you ask? Well it is none other than the gold old boys at… uh, Good Old Boy Country Auction. Seriously. I can’t make this stuff up.

4. I like this quote: “Everybody’s heard of the Ku Klux Klan… It’d be nice to own something that’s associated with it… not that I’m a believer in what they are…”

Naturally. Perfect sense. My brother collected baseball cards because he thought baseball was stupid. I should probably start collecting Adam and Eve trinkets because I don’t believe in the Flintstone-like world where people and dinosaurs worked in rock quarries together.

It isn’t that the speaker appreciates evil. Racism is just neat.

5. And finally, you have to love the serendipitous headline of the the article underneath the Klan article. “Beautiful in White.” You can call those Klanny people ignorant on one level all you like, but you have to appreciate their sense of irony and firm grasp of subliminal advertising.

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