Typhoid Amy, Killer Turkeys, Free Books & Giveaway

Good news is my husband isn’t a serial killer.

The bad news is there is blood pouring out of our basement refrigerator…

Ever have one of those months?

Bother-in-law (Gary), Heather, Me and Mike. They’re holding the guns but I’m about to take them all out.

Well, I’m back from my West Coast visit to the Bother-in-law! Picked up the flu on the plane ride there, fell sick a day later, brought down everyone else in the family like dominoes and we all spent five days sweating and coughing. Whee! Typhoid Amy. Luckily, we did get to see the Winchester Mystery House before we all succumbed. It was built by the wife of the heir to the Winchester gun fortune. A psychic told her if she ever stopped building the house she would die, so she went a little nuts and ended up with a giant mansion featuring stairways to nowhere, doors that open into walls… I used to read about it as a kid so I was excited to see it. Here we all are, with no idea the phlegmy fate awaiting us…

Oh, what about that blood, you ask? Gosh I almost forgot. My mother put the Christmas turkey  in my fridge almost two weeks early and it melted. Which in the end was good, because when you leave for six days and come back to find blood dripping from your fridge, you sort of start to wonder what your parents do in your house when you’re away…

We called the Butterball hotline and they said the chances of us dying are about 15%, so not bad. Of course, we had a to put up a baby gate so when the zombie turkey comes to life it can’t climb the basement stairs and kill us in our sleep.

Mike says we’re all going to get “Turkanosis,” so if  you don’t hear from me after Christmas, you know what happened.

Need Free Books for the Holidays?

In other news… if you like free books and offering your opinions I have a TON of free books available in the AXP Read & Review program! The books are free, though if you ask for them, the authors are hoping you’ll take the time to review them on Amazon. If you’re looking to kill a holiday reading, you can’t do much better!

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7 Responses

  1. Jane Geiger

    Wow, Amy! You’re the first person in my rather long life who’s ever even HEARD of Winchester House, let alone visited it!

    I visited there way back in 1980, on my delayed honeymoon (we were married in November, 1979, and took our honeymoon the following summer). I took a side trip to San Diego to visit a girlfriend, and on the way back to San Francisco, I stopped at Winchester House. I found the whole story fascinating, and sad at the same time. I’d originally figured on spending maybe a half-hour there, but ended up staying for most of the afternoon!

    Thanks for the reminder of a wonderful memory.


  2. Jane Christensen

    when our family moved to San Jose in 1987 we toured the Winchester House. History is pretty fascinating and we had fun going thru it all. Had not thought about it in all these many years. Fun to remember!


  3. Kathleen Hammerlind

    Amy, the flu, blood pouring out of your refrigerator AND a visit to the Winchester house? The only one of your experiences that I’d like to replicate is the “house ” visit. Watch out for the turkey zombies. Happy and Blessed Holidays to you and yours.


  4. Gale S.

    I can’t believe someone else knew what Winchester House is, too! We lived “down the road a piece” for 14 years and despite driving by and saying, “We should really go there.” we never did. Ah well. Hope you and your family are doing better and I’m with your husband: I think I’d cook something else for Christmas. Stay well and happy holidays!


  5. Sandi Koch Bedell

    I’m originally from the San Francisco Bay Area so I’m also fascinated that someone else has heard let alone gone to the Winchester Mystery House.


  6. Jennifer

    I also visited the Winchester house on a long 2 week California adventure with my family. I loved how quirky it is.


  7. Danielle

    I would love to see the winchester mysery house !!! I think I need to visit san fransisco



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