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Vegetable Whatever Soup

Taking a break from being excited about my new release, The Girl Who Wants (on preorder now – save $2!) to do some cooking. I’ve been in a SOUP making frenzy lately, which makes no sense at all, because I’m in South Florida in August… I think I’m literally trying to drown my sorrows because my eating season has been stolen. Usually, summer is our favorite time of year, when all the tourist go back to wherever they’re from and we get the restaurants to ourselves — they all run deals and practically pay US to eat there.  *sigh* Those were the days.

So instead, we’re buckling down to lose a little quarantine weight and be sure we’re in fighting shape for when it’s safe to go to out into the big scary world again. Soup is my answer, and I have the world’s easiest recipe – throw everything into a bucket.

First, I buy a whole bunch of things I don’t usually buy (namely vegetables):

  • fennel
  • leeks
  • green onions
  • eggplant
  • mushrooms
  • red onions
  • carrots
  • garlic

I throw it all into my food processor and turn it into a finely chopped mush. (Somewhere, I can hear a real chef groaning…)

This photo is my mush in the big orange pot I chose to cook it in because it’s pretty. Then I turned it up too high, didn’t put in enough olive oil and walked away to be distracted by something else. When I smelled it burning I came back, dumped it all into another pan with more olive oil, except for the black bits stuck to the bottom, and started over. (you can skip this step).

Cook the mush until it soft and thoroughly cooked. Go ahead and let the bottom get nice and brown, mix it, and then let the new bottom get brown – repeat. Browning the veggies helps to add a depth of flavor to the finished soup.

When it is done, I dump it all back into the food processor and give it another good wizz. Then I put it back into a big pot with a whole box of organic chicken broth. I let that simmer up and I taste it — adding what I think it needs until I’m happy.

Too bland?

Add a little vinegar, or soy sauce or Worcestershire sauce — something to give it some tang.

I added ground chipolte chilies to make it spicier.  Last batch, I also added some basil, paprika, salt and pepper.

Each time I make a new batch, I try something different. I try not to use veggies with carbs, but you could easily add potatoes or other starchy vegetables.

Mike was so impressed with my cooking experiments he brought me this cookie. It’s a Chips Ahoy with a shot of whip cream topped with paprika. Pretty… smoky…very, very strange.

He’s a very odd man. 🙂


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  1. Libby Dodd

    All vegetables are carbohydrates. ” I try not to use veggies with carbs, but you could easily add potatoes or other starchy vegetables.”


  2. Lisa Copeland

    Amy, I love your Pineapple Port series books. This series is perfect for unwinding after a stressful day. I have all the books. And grab the new releases as soon as available. Will you be continuing the series? Would like to have more of her newly discovered Aunt and of course crazy Stephanie. My daughter is now reading them and enjoying as well. I purchased and awaiting you latest new book. But would really like to see more Pineapple Port. My best friend and I were on a Cruise at the end of February, right before the shutdown of COVID and. Large group was on the cruise from The Villages in Florida. In my mind they were actually living in Pineapple Port. They were quite the characters. I am 54 so not quite of that age but hope to be just as feisty when I do reach that age. Wishing you the best!!


    • Amy Vansant

      Thank you! The new series, starting with The Girl Who Wants has Charlotte’s newly discovered aunt as the main character – and there are some big secrets revealed about Charlotte’s world in there!! But yep, Pineapple will still be going – I’m working on Pineapple House Hunter right now! Everyone always thinks Pineapple Port is the Villages — I wonder if people there read them!



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