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16 Responses

  1. Jessica

    I enjoyed this little stroll with you along your trail. 🙂
    I love hiking and trail running and it’s always fun to see where other people do these things.


  2. liz

    love the nature-walk commentary! i think similar things when i get dragged on walks but generally people don’t have enough patience for me to take pics


  3. JustMe

    Why is there ALWAYS that random, broken down car in the middle of the woods?

    When I was a kid, there was a broken down white VAN. So many frightening stories of the murderer or peeping tom who lived there…

    Of course no one actually lived there, but our parents continued to pass those stories along so their kids wouldn’t need 50 tetanus shots after playing around rusted metal all day..


  4. Jen

    This is a much more entertaining walk than what my husband and I have with the dogs. I have to say I’m happy that we aren’t coming across homeless people and dead carcasses. We have spotted a freaky little stone and feather formation that looks like someone was thinking about sacrificing a pigeon or something. I like the narrated photo tours. I think you should do more of them.


  5. iampisspot

    Wow, what a stunning place you live! I loved your stroll in photos – I felt sad for the deer – I’m a bit of a softie like that.


    • Amy Vansant

      When we found her she hadn’t been dead long. Her leg was snapped at a horrible angle. I felt sick for quite some time after, worrying that she’d suffered and wondering if we’d just walked the day before if we might have found her and had someone help her or at least put her out of her misery. 🙁


      • iampisspot

        Oh, that’s so sad. I work in a royal park which is home to 300 deer – each year, they cull approximately 60 of them – I can’t stand it – I feel like telling them all ‘run for your lives!’

        My co-workers laugh at me.