Walking, Flailing Arms and Tons of Book Deals

Friends on the Walk

Mike and I are on a big walking kick now – doing the old 10,000 steps (about 5 miles). I have to admit I have a lot more energy during the day now, so we must be doing something right.

And Gordon has a new friend! A lady in one of the neighborhoods we trot through has a big fake goldendoodle that she dresses up for holidays. This was during the summer — and there’s my baby trying to make time with her. He always did have a soft spot for chicks in water wings.

Call Me Spazzy Arms

Quick question… anyone have spazzy arms? This might not be a sign of getting older because I’ve always been sort of a one-woman tornado of destruction, but I swear… I’ll turn sometimes now and my arms will drag behind me and plow into something sitting on a table. And I don’t mean knock over something. I mean send something flying. Like it’s a tennis ball and my arm is the racket. I seem to catch the tops of glasses a lot too. It’s like my arms have a life of their own and they are taking themselves for a spin! Please tell me other people out there are slowly turning into flailing octopi!


Pedicures & Prejudice: FREE in KINDLE UNLIMITED or 99c

Not all secrets stay in Sin City.

When a sight-seeing excursion turns tragic, Ziva and the gang land in the middle of a murder investigation. Fashion designer, Melanie May, was a girl boss on a mission, but her ambitions may have cost her her life. Who wanted her dead? Turns out, just about everyone. Disgruntled customers, jaded rivals, a controlling boyfriend, and even her own parents top the list.

And the killer isn’t done yet.

Heartwarming Holiday Wishes (Amazon) – 99c

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Your favorite Harlequin Heartwarming authors are back with ten all new Christmas stories set in charming Christmas Town, Maine. This year, a stocking brings a special holiday wish to each story.

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This holiday season, warm your heart with 10 connected sweet, clean & wholesome holiday romances set in Christmas Town from 10 Harlequin Heartwarming authors who are USA Today bestselling authors.

This collection of PG-rated holiday romances are all set in Christmas Town, Maine, a location introduced in the 2014 Harlequin Heartwarming release Christmas, Actually

Christmas Babies on Main Street – 99c (Free on Kindle Unlimited!)

This year, The Authors of Main Street have combined their talent to bring you stories about love, the holidays, and babies from around the world. From the small hamlet of Eastport in Canada, to the gorgeous landscapes of New Zealand, to Main Street, USA… you’ll find the Christmas spirit and warm love stories on every page. And not all of our babies have pudgy little fingers and adorable toes… one of them has hooves and a mane!

Inside this year’s box set, you’ll find Christmas novellas from Kristy Tate, Carol DeVaney, Jill James, E. Ayers, Lizzi Tremayne, Jude Knight, Stephanie Queen, Susan R. Hughes, and Leigh Morgan.

Snuggle up with your favorite blanket, grab a cup of hot chocolate, and let the Authors of Main Street help you celebrate the holiday season.

Halloween Mischief plus a FREE Psychic Reading!

Laugh out loud with the Devil in Texas! A kick-butt Lady Pinkerton and her outlaw lover uncover a murder conspiracy in the senate. To stay alive, the star-crossed lovers must do the one thing they’re dead set against: trust each other. Featuring hilarious one-liners, sizzling seductions, cunning spy gadgets, and a spooky Halloween shootout. Written by National Bestselling Author, Adrienne deWolfe. “Think Wild Wild West with a spicy heroine.” ~Midwest Book Review. (Genres: Western Romance / Romantic Suspense.)

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P.S. To celebrate Halloween (and the shenanigans in Devil in Texas,) Adrienne is raffling off a free consultation with a professional psychic! Click here for a chance to win.

Start Date: 10-13-2017End Date: 11-17-2017

Dairy-Free Death (Auntie Clem’s Bakery Book 2)

By P.D. Workman

Usual Price: 3.99 Sale: New Release

Erin thought that after Angela Plaint’s murder was solved, everything would settle back to normal in Bald Eagle Falls and she could become part of the Norman Rockwell lifestyle. But the peaceful life that she had pictured remains elusive as her family’s past. Then her own past comes knocking on her door.Between running the bakery and dealing with her interpersonal relationships, Erin doesn’t have a lot of time to spend delving into Auntie Clem’s genealogical records, but her chances at a happy future in Bald Eagle Falls may depend on it.

Start Date: 10-15-2017End Date: 10-19-2017

A Single Step: Book 1 of The Grayson Trilogy

By Georgia Rose

Usual Price: .99 Sale: FREE

Emma, devastated when her life was torn apart by tragedy, starts afresh. Despite her desire for a solitary existence she finds herself discovering a life she could never have imagined, challenging her independence, her fears & her resistance to love.

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By Darcia Helle

Usual Price: 2.99 Sale: .99

Samantha’s seemingly charmed life is built on a foundation of secrets and lies. When it all comes crumbling down, she’s left clinging to a shred of sanity. But before she can rebuild the shattered pieces, she has to find a way to stay alive.

Start Date: 10-17-2017End Date: 12-30-2017

DEMONSPELL, or Curse of the Everlasting Relatives

By Phoebe Matthews

Usual Price: 2.99 Sale: .99

Elaine inherits five immortal relatives and now, a band of demons demands that Elaine and her family leave Seattle immediately, alive or dead.

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15 Responses

  1. Marsha

    LOL…just for making me smile, I will share with you. I have to order my beverages in a cup with a lid and a straw at restaurants now, otherwise I will knock them over. Every single time. And when I do order that way, my dinner companions tell the story at the same time. They think it’s funny, I don’t. One day I will forget, just so I can see how high they jump when I do knock it over. (I use a lid and a straw at home too)


      • Lisa

        Join the club. I do that, too. In fact, when anyone else spills a cup, they always say things like, “You, too.” They think it’s funny, but I don’t. It’s nice to know that I am not the only one!


      • Carla Moss

        LoveYou, Your Books Are Very Good Works Of Art!Your Books Are The Kind I Like To Relax With A Nice Cup Of Coffee.


      • Judi Meyers

        My 5 year old tells me my muscles have dropped! She also calls them “bat wings” also known as “old lady flaps”..
        Love you books!!!


    • Carol Price

      Hope you see a Dr. to make sure it us noir the beginning symptom of something that needs meds now . I have muscle damage and my arms jerk if resting them. Potassium too low for long periods caused this.


  2. Lisa

    I too Im clumsy as can be Its bad I will spill and drop almost everything Glad know Im not alone


  3. Tex

    I absolutely love your dog and can so relate. I have a chipoo and he would be chatting up the missy.


  4. Lisa

    I am 55 years old and while I don’t have spazzy arms I do seem to be dropping things more now. Some days it is like I drop the same thing a couple of times. I also had to go to the ER last night because of a muscle spasm in my inner thigh. This was a cramp like no other. I’ve had them before and doc can’t find anything wrong. It’s like my body is paying me back for something I did when I was young, lol.


    • Jan B

      I know those cramps, so painful! Try taking magnesium. I am 61 and my body has a problem retaining d3, potassium and magnesium.


  5. Patricia Ramos

    Loved what you wrote. Your dog is such a cutie! Your photo brought a great big smile to my face, thanks!



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