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If there is one valid stereotype, it is that writers are always looking for agents and publishers. And while there is no eHarmony for writers and potential literary buyers, there are web sites out there that can help novelists make a love connection with agents. One of the more clever sites is WEbook.com, which offers two primary services to help authors be discovered.

The first WEbook service, PageToFame, allows authors to submit a small writing sample from their novel or novels. The writing sample is then voted on by other writers in the WEbook community. Those scoring high enough move to the second round, where a slightly larger sample is required. After that, winners roll to the third round, where only expert readers do the rating of your 50 page sample. Make it through that round and your work is sent to “publishing pros” who then review and choose a winner. At each step you receive feedback that can help pinpoint problems or especially wonderful aspects of your novel, including comments from industry professionals. If you don’t win or even make it to the last round, the feedback could still be invaluable. If you don’t make it through the first round, for example, you know to keep your day job.

The second Webook program is the AgentInBox, which allows writers to submit material directly to agents for free. For an extra $9.95 you can track your manuscript to find out which of the agents you submitted to have read your submission, and which of them just rejected it after reading a two sentence synopsis, just like you always suspected.

Webook also has a lively community of writers for critiquing each others’ work and regular writing contests to help hone your craft. Whether you opt to try Webook’s PageToFame or AgentInBox, we suggest you add spaces between your words. In this one area, they are not leading by example.

Amy Vansant

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