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19 Responses

  1. Christie Evans

    And magic in the mystery story


  2. Linda Wesson

    Amy, I really don’t care murder mystery! A little suspense with romance is good. Thank you!


  3. Sharon

    Hi Amy, I want my books to be sweet, clean and wholesome. It’s even better if it’s a Christian read. Otherwise I don’t want it taking up space on my e-reader.


  4. Penny Harper

    What I like is humor, mystery and murder. I like if the character’s have pets especially if the pets are involved in the storyline. Also having a ghost in it can be really funny . I love a book with a great cover and a great storyline. I look for a book that will keep me hooked and wanting a series of them to read.


    • Trish Egan

      I like cozy mysteries with either a ghostly friend/advisor such as “Granny Apple” series or a paranormal theme such as “Psychic Eye”.


    • Diana Amov

      I agree with Penny Harper. She said everything that I enjoy. Thank You Penny and Amy Vansant.
      Sincerely, Diana Amov


  5. Sherry

    For mysteries- How about missing people or kidnapped people?

    Romantic suspense- I like sweet romance and firemen.


  6. Tina

    Yes, a little magic or even a little psychic abilities ie…get close to someone and can tell if they are being honest or if they are in danger.


  7. Mary

    Great mystery with understory of romance, not too much suspense, no graphic sex…nice cozy reads with happy endings.


  8. Barbara

    Oddly, the most important thing for me is a well-edited standalone book with good grammar, correct sentence structure and punctuation, and a complete ending. A lot of reviewers agree with me. If an author can’t provide those things, I may struggle through a first book, but I won’t buy another one. To date, there have been only two books that I couldn’t complete. The poor editing and awkward sentences were just too disconcerting. I don’t understand how someone can give a poorly edited book four or five stars. Even a three-star book should have good editing. Other than that, I like strong, intelligent main characters who don’t do stupid things and who will not let misunderstandings get in their way. I like books that include magic, ghosts, and familiars who communicate with their people. If a main character finds out she’s a witch, the first thing she should do is thoroughly learn how to use her powers. I like good character development, dialog that is reasonably individual to each person, and a plot that doesn’t take me where I thought it would go. I don’t mind a little mild profanity, but I despise the f-word, the use of which implies that either the author has no class or thinks I don’t. I don’t mind a little mild violence, in the case of a murder mystery, but it better not involve a child or an animal–too evil. I don’t mind the occasional implication that sex has taken place, but I don’t want any detail. And I don’t want to spend any time in the killer’s head–too creepy. I like learning about other cultures and locations. Right now I think my favorite books are paranormal cozy mysteries, but they’re all kind of starting to sound the same. And a mystery doesn’t always have to involve a murder. Maybe someone is trying to find out about a letter from an ancestor or help a friend learn what happened to their Uncle Fred or help a familiar answer a question about its past. I think I’ve rattled on long enough. I hope it’s helpful.


    • Brownies

      Well said Barbara. Couldn’t agree more. Especially about any evil towards kids or pets.


    • Sam McCarthy

      Barbara, I couldn’t have said it better myself. I can’t tell you how many books I have read lately that makes me wonder if they were even proofread by anyone!! Calling a character by the wrong name, leaving out a keyword in a sentence, using a word with a completely different meaning, etc. How do I go about getting a job as a proofreader or editor????


    • Amy Vansant

      Great input Barbara! That bit about misunderstandings really struck a chord with me — I hate it when “complications” are created because people just won’t TALK. To me it’s just lazy writing. It happens so often the first time I had two characters talk out a misunderstanding immediately I was afraid readers would find it odd or too fast…then a bunch of people told me it was a relief!


  9. Tara Brown

    Hello!! I love cozy mysteries! I’m a sucker for animals, vivid travel descriptions of real places (especially those involving Spanish-speaking countries b/c I’m a Spanish teacher!), and, if possible, the option to listen on audio. 🙂 Since you already fill the pages with humor, I think that sums it up for me! Thanks so much! 🙂


  10. Joni Reyes

    As for me I like paranormal romance books with shape shifters.


  11. Anita gomez

    I don’t like harm to children or pets. I love comedy/light mysteries. A little romance. No really filthy language and yes murder.


  12. carol morgan

    I like mystery , paranormal , bit on dark side , lot on the hot side , don’t like or fluff but apart from tha anything goes 🙂