What if the dairy products expired?

My husband is a bit of a worrier, and not having kids to worry about frees up a lot of time for him to worry about other things.

This by no means a comprehensive list.

10 Random Things Mike Actively Worries About

  1. That he’ll be attacked by ants
  2. That if we wear the same brand polo shirts out in public at the same time people will think we’re like those couples who wear matching Hawaiian shirts
  3. That the hot tub needs to be vacuumed
  4. That someone will stop by when the kitchen isn’t clean
  5. That our shows didn’t tape
  6. That the sound system isn’t on the optimal sound setting for whatever show we are watching
  7. That he’ll be attacked by bees
  8. That his hair is too “floppy”
  9. That the TV we hung on a wall mount in the basement will fall
  10. That I am blogging embarrassing facts about him
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7 Responses

  1. Nala

    11. That he might be “under dressed” when he goes out to dinner.
    12. Flying.
    13. That Tiger Woods may never play again.
    14. When he drinks “jack” that everyone wants to fight him.


  2. Lance

    I’m the worrier in our house…some my crap:

    1) that we’ll run out of toilet paper

    2) that the kids will hack my blog and tell everything

    3) that the kids have their own blogs and I’ll never have a job if i lose my current one

    4) that the kids are too cold/hot at night, upstairs

    5) that the dog gets fed when Im not at home


  3. Abby

    He sounds fairly normal, relatively speaking. I have a bladder the size of a Cheerio, so I’m always worried that I won’t be close to a bathroom. It’s literally the first thing I look for whenever I’m anywhere.



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