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12 Responses

  1. Vicky Burkholder

    LOL. I’ve had some massive cooking failures over the years, but this…um…I think I’d toss it.


  2. Renee

    Oh my….do not eat….do not listen to your granny whispering your ear, “ eat. Eat. There are starving children in———(fill in the blank).” I don’t know how how I survived a childhood where my first thought was “then feed it to them!” However, I live to tell this story because even age 4, I was wise enough to say it aloud! The joy of being adult is learning to cook, and being able to throw stuff out when it doesn’t come out right…or you decide the flavors …. don’t really meld
    together after all. I’ve been cooking several 1963… and managed to make recipes my own by adapting as I go…but even when all six kids were at home….if something came out bed, we’d make a party of it…and wind up with grilled cheese, hot dogs, or cereal! And if there was extra funds, we might decide on pizza….


  3. Gareth Ellzey

    Yeah, if you are trying to make vegetarian canned protein taste edible, I can promise, no amount of tomato paste will work. Personal experience.


  4. Cindy DeGraaff

    I love your stories! This is an okay to throw it away. You have permission in writing! It looks like the leftover thanksgiving gravy that was forgotten in the back of the fridge for 3 months last year, but without the mold! Yummy! Lol!


  5. Danielle

    This picture reminded me of the mom in Better Off Dead. She couldn’t cook, and made a lot of jello dishes that nobody would eat.


    • Tanya

      Love that movie!
      And hers would slither across the table, lol


  6. Barbara

    We’ve all had cooking failures. I’ve had some doozies. Just keep experimenting. When you make an excellent dish, good luck trying to remember what you did. It will never be duplicated. Been there, done that, wish I wrote it done as I cooked.


    • Barbara

      *down* not done. Grrr, I hate misspelling things


  7. Beverlee

    I think I shall pass on this ‘yummy’ recipe. That is just too funny, and the picture…..well I would never of guessed that was mint jelly. Just saying….


  8. Cindy McAllister

    I have made,(tried to make), hamburgers on the BBQ. My family remembers them as hockey pucks and they were harder than a hockey puck ever could be. I do not cook hamburgers on the barbeque anymore asI am not allowed.
    I have tried to make hot cross buns for 26 years. Even the birds won’t eat them. When am I supposed to stop trying?


  9. Jennifer Cary

    So if I het the recipe from you will ot look oime that?(i’d love to get it anyway). Maybebit was the pectin/jgelatin mix up?


  10. Shelley

    Maybe you could keep it for next hallowe’en? It may have mutated into a whole new life form by then 😁