Win a Bar in Pineapple Port!

03-PuzzlesName a Pub in Pineapple Port AND Win All Three Pineapple Port Mysteries Signed by Amy Vansant (me)!

I’m working on the final edit of Pineapple Port Mystery #3 – Pineapple Puzzles and found myself trying to think of a fun name for the bar mentioned in the very first sentence:

Alex walked into ____________’s Pub and felt cooled, heavy air settle on sun-warmed skin. A slight-built man in his mid-fifties sat alone at the bar in a pair of khaki shorts and over-sized Jimmy Buffett t-shirt. In front of him sat a full beer and an empty shot glass. It was three o’clock in the afternoon.

Usually I pick someone I know, or someone I wish I knew, or randomly pick a name from a website. Then I thought… Why? I should let someone else name the bar!

Contest! WIN WIN!

So I’m running a little contest… Fill out the form below to enter. Let me know what you’d like to name the bar! It can be after you, like “Pat’s Pub” or “Joe’s Bar” or it can be after a family member or it can be something you just think is funny.


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The winner will have the bar named after them and the bar is a permanent addition to the Pineapple Port/Charity, Florida landscape, so it could show up again in future books. Heck, if someone makes a movie or television series out of these books, it could end up on film!

I’ll also throw in a copy of all three books (once #3 is published) signed by me. Because I wrote them. If you’d rather have Mike or Gordon Labradoodle sign them, I’ll see what I can do.

Contest ends May 15!


Thanks and good luck!

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  1. Nancy Goldberg Levine

    I entered the contest–I didn’t name it after anybody I knew. I picked a name from a story I wrote a long time ago that was never published.



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