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home_book_3qtrI received an email from a very nice lady asking me if I would write a little ditty about the book Many Paws – The Years of Change by Susan DeGarmo. It’s – get this – a pop up book about menopause.

I tried to explain to her that “woman stuff” makes me queasy and I hadn’t hit that particular milestone, (though certain aspects of it sound AWESOME) but she sent me a couple copies and I like supporting authors and dammit here I am talking about menopause.

Anyhoo, they have books for everything nowadays, but this isn’t one of those cheapo “So You Got a Hangnail” or “So Your Dog Said His First Word” books you find near the checkout of card stores. This is a thick-papered book with pop-ups, pull out tabs and cute cutouts. There’s sisterhood of women type jokes about all the weird things that happen to your body as you get older and charming decopage-like graphics. One page looks like a kidnapper sent you a ransom note about gray hair. The bit about what you looked like in your twenties and how you thought that was fat made me laugh out loud.

Below is a promo video for a quick introduction to the nice lady Ms. DeGarmo and her book. You can find out more about the book and accompanying greeting cards, as well as buy them for your shriveled up old friends (Ha! KIDDING. Seriously, I’m kidding. A. I don’t have a lot of room to talk and B. I don’t want a bunch of crazy old bats taking their hot flashes out on me).

Here’s the link!

WIN A COPY! A $19.99 plus shipping value!

I’m going to keep one of the copies to shut up the first friend who starts bitching to me about lady stuff, but I’m going to mail the other copy to a random person who emails me that they’d like to win it.  Just join my Van Club (over on the right at the top to enter) or, if you’re already super cool (AKA: a member), just email me at or comment below to let me know you’d like to be entered to win it and I’ll throw you in the mix!

Deadline MARCH 1st.

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  1. Joan Poole

    I’m past the point of menopause and really didn’t have too many effects from it and if I did I hardly noticed them. Some women go through a horrible time. You crack me up that you don’t even want to talk about it–that is funny. Dummy me was trying to get your new book and it kept saying there was a charge. Duh, it’s not the 26th yet. I wish I had menopause to blame for my memory lost.


    • Amy Vansant

      My mom said she didn’t have any issues so I’m hoping when the time comes I take after her! Moms are Nuts isn’t new – and it isn’t just me – but it’s funny! Free tomorrow through March 30th!


  2. Susan

    Hi Amy! Thanks for the great review on my book…”ManyPaws”. It takes a brave woman with a great sense of humor to “get” it!!! You are one of them!! Congrats to the winner!! Enjoy!



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