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And now… Another Contest to Win my New Release!

Name a Circus in Pineapple Circus!

As always, I let the readers pick a name for something in my new book – this time it’s a whole circus! Imagine you’ve just inherited a circus and you have to rename it before you get on the road…what would you call it?

Enter by leaving your idea in the comments below or send me an email at

I’ll pick 20 random winners of the ebook when it is released and one winner of the paperback version!

Speaking of new releases…There are THREE!

New on Audio – Pineapple Puppies!

Puppies have taken over book nine of the hilarious Pineapple Port mystery series from Wall Street Journal and USA Today best-selling author Amy Vansant!

Someone has left puppies on the doorsteps of Pineapple Port’s residents, but the adorable balls of fur seem to be connected to the murder of a nearby millionaire with too many heirs of his own. Meanwhile, Mariska’s been framed for baking a killer cake, and Charlotte must clear her name

Fans of classic cozy mysteries will adore this whodunnit packed with puppies, baking, horses, sneaky maids, and a dead rich man!

I have a limited number of FREE review copies – if you are willing and able to review on Amazon/Audible, let me know and I’ll get you a code!

Pineapple Circus: A fun, action-packed mystery (Pineapple Port Mysteries Book 13) $2.99 PREORDER – releases Sept. 1

Amazon US | Amazon CA | Amazon UK | Amazon AU | Amazon IN

Now in the center ring… murder!

Newly-minted private detective Charlotte Morgan, the resident orphan of the Pineapple Port 55+ community, discovers she might not be an orphan after all. Stunned by the news, she distracts herself with a cat burglar who left a smear of make-upped whiskers on a sliding glass door, and a path straight to “Clown Town” a retirement community for retired circus performers. When a fortune-teller doesn’t see her own death in the cards, Charlotte’s burglary becomes a murder investigation!

Charlotte’s neighborhood moms, Mariska and Darla, can’t help with this one. They’re busy infiltrating an underground golf cart racing ring, led by a shady operator and her toady sidekick…

When another circus performer falls victim to the Big Top Killer and Stephanie goes missing, Charlotte finds herself walking a highwire of danger…this killer isn’t clowning around!

WARNING! Fans of the series will be particularly shocked by the breathless ending! (though every book can be read as a standalone).

Pineapple Cruise: A funny, cozy mystery (Pineapple Port Mysteries Book 14) $2.99 PREORDER – releases Oct. 1

Amazon US | Amazon CA | Amazon UK | Amazon AU | Amazon IN

When Mariska trades the brisket she won at “Meat Bingo” for three tickets on the new Gulf Voyager cruise ship, she, Darla and our detective Charlotte enjoy a ladies’ cruise to Key West. But when passengers start dropping like anchors, they find themselves afloat in the middle of the Gulf of Mexico…and a murder mystery.

Charlotte notices the victims were all sitting at their assigned dinner table…does that mean they’re next?

Fans of Agatha Christie’s And Then There Were None will love this cruise-bound caper!

Your Moment of Archer

Archer is still doing well! He’s gone to the beach now and loves it. He’s a perfect little gentleman with the dogs and people there, though he still likes to swat everyone around when he’s on the leash.

In addition to creeping around in general, he’s taken to hiding things… we find things stuffed in weird places all over the house. A toy in my closet, a tennis ball in the drawer where I keep pots and pans, a sock under the rug, his stuffed chipmunk in the freezer… (don’t ask me when he slipped that in there…)

Oh, and a whole pillow hidden in his house:


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      Black Cat Circus, Swoop’s Circus, Houdini’s Secrets Circus, Under the big top,

      Imagination Village – the circus so outlandish you won’t believe your eyes!


  1. nova conover

    “Under the Big Tent”; “Not my Circus, Not my Monkeys”; “Tons of Fun”; “Send in the Clowns”.


  2. Alicia Haney

    “Pineapple Tidbits Circus” Pineapple Tidbits Extravaganza”


  3. Robin Panza

    I would name it after the person in charge. Most circuses, large or small, seem to have a family name. If the circus was mine it would be the Panza Circus of Wonders. So what’s the name of the head honcho in your circus?


  4. Marnie Fiamengo

    Ring(s) of Wonder Circus
    Circle(s) of Wonder Circus
    Wonders Circus
    Summertime Circus
    Chilvalry Circus
    Knights of Wonder Circus



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