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One Response

  1. Melissa Marie

    I tend to buy wine based on something catchy/cute/exciting on the label. My beau and I were having romantic weekend in the mountains (romantic = he watches football while I nap) and I just grabbed a bottle of something red because the label was cute. I can’t remember what was on it… maybe a bunny or a sasquash or something. It was TERRIBLE. He wouldn’t drink it. I drank some because it was too cold to go back out to the liquor store and I had to prove to him it was drinkable. It really was not and I’m not remotely snobby about wine.

    Often after purchasing and surviving a bottle of bad wine with a nice label, I save the bottle… because I really like the picture. So it sits on my table or counter like a decoration and then after a few months I can’t remember if it was the bottle with the lady bugs on it or the chickens that was the bad wine and end up buying it again and it’s terrible… again.

    To wrap this up, I like the label on this wine. It definitely tells me it’s classy and sophisticated wine. But if there was maybe a cow or little piggy on it, I’d be more likely to buy it.