Wine Review: Bodegas Avante Tineta 2011

Bodegas Avante Tineta 2011 Tempranillo Review:

4.5 out of 5 wine glasses for the money ($16)

Bodegas Avante Tineta 2011


Bodegas Avante Tineta 2011  is a Spanish Tempranillo, and has rapidly become one of our affordable favorites. If it was $10 it would definitely be our favorite, but the wine-makers have realized what a good wine they’ve created and decided to charge more for it. Bastards.

I like the label, too. It’s classy, no? And it looks lovely next to a butternut squash, as you can see. Really brings out its squashiness.

Bodegas Avante Tineta 2011 tasting notes

Bodegas Avante Tineta 2011 is full bodied, smoky and features black and blue fruit.  There is a little hint of chocolate, and really, that’s all I ever ask of a wine.  I usually pair with Pork, Spanish dishes and peanut M&Ms.

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