Winner of the Name the Bar Contest and a monster cozy mystery giveaway…

Varymor_CVRFirst off, my new urban fantasy novel, Varymor: Angeli Book III is out! Whoo! (Get it on Amazon)

(If urban fantasy isn’t you’re thing, don’t worry I also have a huge 40+ book cozy mystery giveaway below!)

Now the PROBLEM with that novel release is I forgot to change the name of the bar based on the winner of my Name the Bar Contest! I’m going to go back in and fix that by the time you see this blog post, so no worries.

My Favorite “Name the Bar in Varymor” Entries

I had nearly 400 submissions, which was awesome! I love you guys! All of them were great and it made it really hard to pick a winner.

First, let me officially NOT pick one: The Orange Leprechaun – This was from my mother, who told me Protestants wear orange on St. Patrick’s Day and sent me to grade school dressed accordingly. In a town 99% Irish /Italian. Made me super popular with the other kids. Thanks mom for bringing up those scars. I’m back in therapy.* (I wrote about this back in 2010)

Ones I just liked the sound of:

  • Sharon – Casanova’s Pints
  • Connie Reynolds The Wee Dram
  • Claudette Melanson The California Claddagh
  • Kathleen Frost What Happens…
  • Dianna Slowey-Thomas Slowey’s Sin (Just sounds sinister, doesn’t it?)
  • Linda Douglass Wolfhound (I like dogs)
  • Josie Lee Irish Snug (the spot I used to drink and play darts was called the “snug” so this made me smile)
  • Terry Poage Sítheach it means mysterious, eerie

Ones that made me laugh:

  • Carl Todasco O’Leary’s Cow Pub
  • Nancy Burgess Alley Kilts
  • Mary Carney The Bent Shillelagh
  • Rebecca Rivera Blights Tater Pub (LOL!!)
  • Amy Collins Moira’s Muck and Mire (I want to meet this Moira chick.)
  • Deborah Wilson O’Malley In the Alley
  • Sheila Gordon Lizzy’s Thin Alley
  • Beth Hoye What ales you?
  • Michelle The Lass in the Limerick
  • Carol Conerly Homeinaminute
  • Mechelle Tiggo’bittie
  • Floyd Nash The Ginger Beard
  • Angie Fournier Sham’s Rocks

Ones submitted with their own little short stories which cracked me up:

  • Brenda The Hump Bar and GrilleGet over it! Best Shrimp and Gumbo in the South! (Ha! Why the south? Why shrimp and gumbo??)
  • Robert Briggs The Fun House, Featuring Rock & Country Boogie Band with Huge Dance Floor (Wait…what?)
  • Debra L. Lundin~Breseman McCiaran’s Pub… It means “little dark one”. Think in terms of “something dark will happen there” from your book 

And the winner(s) is…

The Lass in the Limerick! Nudged out Blight’s Tater Pub by a nose, just because it is super clever and I checked and couldn’t believe there wasn’t already a pub called Lass in the Limerick and I’m not sure what a Tater Pub is… but boy–I laugh every time I read it. So… I think I’ll put a bar in the next more definitely humor book I release (probably Pineapple 4) called Blight’s Tater Pub! So two winners!!

Thank you winners Michelle and Rebecca Rivera and everyone else who entered!! Working on Pineapple 4, a new romantic mystery that is going to be AWESOME that I’m not going to name yet, AND Stalky 2 at the same time right now so hope to have something out in 3 months or so!

So now for this week’s giveaway:

Win Up To 40 Cozy Mystery Novels! Sept. 5-Sept. 11

(2) Grand Prize Kindle “Gift Baskets” of ALL 40 eBooks!

(37) Winners of Individual eBooks (randomly selected titles)


*Just kidding mom – I’m not in therapy.

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9 Responses

  1. Carolynn Padgett

    The names I saw mostly put mine to shame–so inventive and so fun! I need to learn more about my Celtic heritage, and I could maybe contribute a better name next time! And thank you for the chance at two huge piles of books to read–my two favorite genres: fantasy and mystery–Yay, Yay, Yay!


  2. Linda May

    Love all the bar names & love the one that was chosen. I would love a chance to win all those great books, Thanks for your great generosity.


  3. Tanya

    We use to wear both Orange and Green for St. Patrick’s Day. My mother would search for fabric that had both. It was important to represent both sides.


  4. Jim R

    Darn, I forgot the name I submitted. Had something to do with a Banshee, I think. Got some great names.


  5. Marilyn J. Prange

    Congrats, Amy, Love fantasy and so, I am anxious to read your new book. What are you working on next? Wonderful how you use this writing gift the good Lord has given you. We all enjoy!! Mary is doing better each day and we keep in touch. Hard to keep her down. Keep on writin’. Puddercat


  6. Beth Rumbaugh

    I learned something from this post, protestants wear orange instead of green. I never knew that. As a kid, I just knew I’d get pinched if I didn’t wear green.



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