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9 Responses

  1. Carolynn Padgett

    The names I saw mostly put mine to shame–so inventive and so fun! I need to learn more about my Celtic heritage, and I could maybe contribute a better name next time! And thank you for the chance at two huge piles of books to read–my two favorite genres: fantasy and mystery–Yay, Yay, Yay!


  2. Linda May

    Love all the bar names & love the one that was chosen. I would love a chance to win all those great books, Thanks for your great generosity.


  3. Tanya

    We use to wear both Orange and Green for St. Patrick’s Day. My mother would search for fabric that had both. It was important to represent both sides.


  4. Jim R

    Darn, I forgot the name I submitted. Had something to do with a Banshee, I think. Got some great names.


  5. Marilyn J. Prange

    Congrats, Amy, Love fantasy and so, I am anxious to read your new book. What are you working on next? Wonderful how you use this writing gift the good Lord has given you. We all enjoy!! Mary is doing better each day and we keep in touch. Hard to keep her down. Keep on writin’. Puddercat


  6. Beth Rumbaugh

    I learned something from this post, protestants wear orange instead of green. I never knew that. As a kid, I just knew I’d get pinched if I didn’t wear green.