Winner of the Name the Toy Store Contest

First…Psst! Kilty as Charged – 99c Sale

My romantic suspense/humor/time travel novel Kilty as Charged (which for some reason everyone calls “Kitty” in every email I receive) is 99c through tomorrow. It’s a super fun, fast read full of chuckles and thrills, if you’re into that sort of thing!

And Now…(drumroll please) The Winner of the Name the Toy Store Contest!

Once again I received hundreds of awesome, hilarious, odd and downright troubling suggestions!

Some were cute, fun, happy names:

  • Regina – Frolicky
  • Sue H – The Rabbit Hole
  • Bobbi A – Tubby Timothy Toy Emporium
  • Deborah B – You, Me, and the Bear (A teddy bear plays a roll in the book! Get out of my computer, Deb!)

Some were inexplicable: 

  • Rebecca R. –  Mea pa’ani Hala Kahiki ( I don’t know what this means. She might have just flipped me off in Hawaiian.  But thanks to Google, I think it has something to do with Pineapple…)
  • Ellie K –  Toy BOX HOOPLA l (I think his is play on some Sci-Fi thing, like Starship Something One – but my brain won’t make the connection and it is driving me crazy. Please help me Ellie!)
  • Wendy H – The Flower & Fruits (Won’t people looking for flowers and/or fruits be bummed to step inside and find they’re all made out of  Legos?)
  • Heather P –  The “Toy”let Store (Really?? Heather, you cray-cray.)
  • Ramona W – Ratoon Crop (had to Google that one: a new crop (especially of rice, bananas, or sugar cane) that grows from the stubble of the crop already harvested. So, I’m thinking Ramona’s thinking a new crop of people (kids) or she’s obsessed with agriculture.)

Some were clever and punny:

  • Maggie C – Pulley Yourpants Up Toy Store
  • Mom – Just Toying with You (my mom is on a roll.)
  • Janet K. –  Toying With You (Janet – have you met my mom? You guys should grab tea some time.)
  • Ann – Batteries Not Included
  • Deirdre A – Toy There Matey
  • Mina G – Miss Fitt’s Toys (Misfit Toys )
  • Moira dR –  Mr Sylly

Some came with a dose of self-deprecation:

  • Carrie – Square Pegs (I dunno, I suck at this stuff) (<— her comment, not mine)

Some made me worry an armed, colonial soldier was hiding behind the door:

  • Kimberlee S – Musket’s Amazing Toy Emporium

Some named it like it was a kid, or possibly a beer…or a viking…:

  • Cynthia S –  Rosie
  • Kathleen F- Bud
  • Raven – Ragnar

Some might have been typos:

Greg W – Grumpy’s Original Oy Store (or it specializes in Jewish toys, I’m not sure.)
Sharon M – The Toyota Shoppe (Um…??)

Some were lied to by their parents as a child:

Elissa – Pumpkin Patch Toys (because if that’s where you get babies then that’s where you’d find their toys; besides . . . Pineapple Port!)

Some are trying to get me sued for copyright infringement:

Andie P. –  Dole

Some know people often tell me “I love Pineapple Express!” instead of Pineapple Lies/Port:

Deb N – Pineapple Express (…which always makes me laugh because Pineapple Express was a movie about a bunch of pot smokers.)

Somebody is high on girl power:

Teri G –  Toymens (because we all know men are just)

Some sent me the word of the day:

Kathleen – Today’s word of the day on Facebook’s “Grandiloquent Word of the Day” is: Nicknackatory or Knicknackatory (NIK-NAK-uh-TOR-ee) Noun: -A toy store -A repository or collection of knickknacks From knick-knack or knickknack or nicknack, “a pleasing trifle, toy,” 1570s. A reduplication of “knack” – an ingenious device, toy or trinket (1530s), a specialized sense of “knack” – a stratagem or trick.

Some wrote a whole marketing plan:

Rana  – The Pineapple Port (a pic of childs toy is placed here) Toy Store! Toys, Toys and more Toys… We even have Toys for your Fur Babies… Come Play with Us…

One made me think – Ooh! My mother-in-law (who loves roosters) would love that one! And then I realized it was, in fact, from my mother-in-law. 

Mary C – The Laughing Rooster Toy Store

But in the end…

One made me laugh out loud:

  • Val C –  Buy Their Love, Toys and Gifts

So upon publication Val, you’ll get the signed copy sent to you!

And I’m going to give everyone else mentioned on this page a free ebook copy!

And thank you all  for participating!

And now, the obligatory giveaway…

Amy Vansant

5 Responses

  1. Kimberlee

    So glad you were amused by Musket! He’s actually a dog, and would of course spend his days sleeping in a doll cradle or some such in the shop window. 🙂


  2. Lisa Guzman

    “Buy Their Love, Toys and Gifts”, isn’t that essentially what we do when we go to a toy store? Loved reading the entries??


  3. Dee Liebl

    Congrats Val!!!! And all the honorable mentioned. Fun contest. I didn’t win this time but there is always another book for Amy to add to the series!!!! yeah!!!!


  4. Cynthia Blain

    I think that I entered this content although I can’t remember what I would have named the store, but I did enjoy seeing some of the entries.

    I do like the one you chose. So much truth to that name. 🙂

    Fun reading the names; thanks for sharing some of them.




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