Winner of the Name the Nursing Home Contest!

You know you’re getting old…

I bought myself for six dollars that I am so giddy about I can hardly stand it.

A shoehorn.

You know you’re getting old when a shoehorn sends you in to paroxysms of glee. It’s just that I was tearing my finger up every time I put on my walking sneakers and now I just sliiiide right into them.

I screwed up though and should have gotten one of the ones on a stick so I didn’t even have to bend over. That might have been too much happiness all at once.

There’s always Christmas.

Winners for the “Name the Nursing Home” contest!

You know, I hate to call it a contest. It’s more of a “what hits me as best at the moment.” I’m not sure what you would call that – a Good-Natured Suggestion Cluster? Maybe I should have a contest to name the contest!

Anyway, first the runner-ups (win a free Pineapple Beach House ebook on launch). These are ones that made me laugh or that I thought would be nice real names or otherwise hit my happy bone:

  • Karen Bewsey – Senior Sands Resort Beach Living
  • Carrie – Honeybee Villas
  • Debi Deason – The Runway (largely for the reasoning: NC’s state motto is “First in Flight”, so they could be on the runway heading for their last flight!)
  • Don Vitz – The Blue Haired Lagoon
  • Kimber Hungerman – Tide and Time
  • Judy Johnson – Silver Shores Beach Community
  • Amy J – Laughing Gull Haven
  • Lori Jo – Tar Heel Terrace
  • Lola – Duck Dowagers
  • Elizabeth Robb – The Sandbar
  • Lucia – Driftwood Manor

And the winner:

  • Kathy – Elder Care-o-lina

I just really loved that, and it seemed funny and cute but also real enough to not be unbelievable as a real place.

Congrats Kathy – you get the print book AND the ebook on release!

And as always, thank you everyone for your submissions – I love reading through them!

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  1. Crystal

    I have one of those plastic shoehorns on a stick. It’s great. I saves my fingers and keeps my heels, on my feet and on my shoes, in good shape. I use it every time I put on shoes that aren’t soft slippers, sandals or Crocs.



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