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Winners of Pineapple Disco – Pineapple Port #6

And the freaky cover reveal! After redoing all the covers with my new mascot, the sunglass-wearing pineapple skull, I was out of ideas for Pineapple Disco. Told my great cover guy, Steve Novak, to go for it. Something with a disco ball maybe…

Then BAM!! How’s this for eye-catching!

I had a bunch of submissions as usual for naming Jackie’s disco in the upcoming Pineapple Disco – thank you so much! More than one person went with a variation of “Stayin’ Alive” – which is both funny and one of the first albums I ever owned (she said, hopelessly dating herself).

Here are the winners of the free eBook version (chosen both because they caught my eye and some randomly):

  • Freak Flag Peggy Gimble
  • Stayin’ Alive Jennifer Rieth
  • Pineapple 54 Selena Rowell Thomas
  • Boogie Underground Eyeore
  • Stayin’ Alive 55 Wanda Siesicki
  • Grandpa’s Disco Valerie Hildebrand
  • Stayin Alive Eva Dice
  • Bone Joint Bob Morton
  • Stayin Alive Cathy

And the winner of an eBook AND signed paperback…Drum roll

  • Slipped my Disc’o Kathy Durden

That made me laugh out loud. Anyone who’s read my books knows I love a good pun!

Pineapple Disco will be released officially on May 29, but it will be available for pre-sale on Amazon on April 29!


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Rescued by an Earl

By Rose Pearson

Usual Price: .99 Sale: .99

Jacintha Seaworth is the next daughter to fulfill her father’s wishes of seeing all of his daughters married. Which man will it be-her childhood friend, Henry, or Alexander Slate, a most suitable Earl? Either way, it won’t be an easy path!

Start Date: 04-13-2018End Date: 05-01-2018

Endless Change

By P.D. Workman

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