Winners of the Fashion Line Contest, Cover Reveal, Giveaways and Book Deals

Winners of the Fashion Line Contest & a Cover Reveal

Got a bunch of great entries for the fashion line contest, so I’m going to announce them AND show you the cover for the next Kilty book Kilty as Sin!  

Ta da!  Oooh! Fiery!

And now the winners…

Laura Broussard Momentum by Mo
Marian Mo To Love
Kimberly Chidsey Mo to Love
Michelle Kennedy Gimme Mo’; The Mo’ the merrier; Mo Fur Me?; Mo Curvy; MO’s never ‘Nuff
SUSAN WILCOX flirty wear,va va voom,curvy girls,and large beautiful women wear.
Tammy Windsor this cracked me up: “Well, since they are going to eventually get burned, I’d call the fashion line “Flammable” or “Flammable Couture” or “Hot Couture”.”
Kim Salmi Fashion In Mo -tion
Cindy Gnew Mo to Love
Sandy Mojo Magic
Shirley Boudicca for an “in-Joke”. It’s a Celtic twist to the Gaelic guy plot. (bonus for invoking a character that is in my Angeli series, whether she knew it or not!)
Barbara Lovely Ladies,Hot Mama’s,Classique,Vixen,The Red Dress,VaVaVoom, Oh La La
Clif Bradley “Saizé de Au’lure Also cracked me up, and then he drops the science with the atomic symbol tie-in…: Made up word. Sounds French. Sounds like Sassy or Saucy or Sashay. Perfect for a voluptuous size 10 or higher. Au’lure is obviously Alure but with the added “”u”” to represent the atomic symbol for gold.
I imagine draped pieces with classic A line styling dresses done in primary colors but a trademark block of gold fabric somewhere on the garment about 4×4 or larger. All dresses have short sleeves with trademark gold thread sewn into the sleeves and skirt hem. ”
Susanne Pierce Dyer so, so many options…it would take up the whole blog!

And the winner…

Virginia Cummings: Modacious

Thank you everyone for entering and I’ll send you your books as soon as they’re available!


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The Bow of Destiny (The Bow of Hart Saga Book 1)

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Love Under Fire

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