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Winners of the Name the Movie Contest

There were a lot of creative submissions for naming the movie in my upcoming Kilty Secrets novel. Some people put some real thought into them…I think maybe they’re actually working on getting them produced!

These ten people won a free ebook copy when it releases end of the month:

Eric Hendrie
The Jungle Drums of Desire, Goddess of the Jungle of Death, Jungle Lord of Romance, Lions….Tigers…and Oh My Romance

Judie Johnson
Nightmare on the Iguana moon

Captured: a movie about two ecologist who get captured for ransom by guerrilla fighters. You could make it a dark comedy by making the guerrilla fighters goofy wannabe guerrillas.

Sweltering Lust or Amazon Death Step. I lived in the jungle for 3 weeks. Besides the literally hundreds of things that could kill you, the sweltering heat is it’s own entity. I went there for a girl but it was too hot to actually get romantic. Amazon Death Step is what they call it when tourists take that first step off a marked trail. You get lost that easy.

The Legend of Tarzan told from Cheetah’s view. (ha!)

Sandy Ferrell
Lifevine 911

Allison M
A Reptile Dysfunction (I wish I could see this movie full of dysfunctional reptiles. It might be about the gopher tortoises always wrestling in my back yard…)

Beth Goldie
Raiders of the Lost Bark (sounds like a cozy mystery!)

Anita Gomez
The Silent Cat. Because it could be funny, mysterious or scare the heck out of you.

Chrystal Stevens
For a movie they’re filming in your book I’m thinking the movie title should be “Quest for the Ivory Sword”. It’s an Indiana Jones type movie where a dealer in antiquities is searching for the legendary Ivory Sword. After a search across 3 continents he finally finds the temple of the blind monks, the guardians of the Ivory Sword. Is the sword real? Yes,it’s hanging from a chain in the chamber of light. The problem: it’s hovering above the pit of death. Will Dr. Roberts be able to retrieve the sword or will he fall to his death into the lava below? Find out when “Quest for the Ivory Sword” is released.  (Wow, that’s some detail!)

And the winner of the paperback version as well:

Clif and Sweltering Lust or Amazon Death Step  

Anyone who goes to the jungle for a girl deserves a prize!

Animated Cover

Had some fun creating this animated cover for Kilty Secrets!

Sweet Romance eBook & Paperback Giveaway!

(2) Winners of eBook “Gift Baskets” of all books
(30+) Winners of individual ebooks or paperbacks
(randomly selected)

Start Date: 08-11-2019End Date: 08-31-2019

Ruby: Between the Cracks

By P.D. Workman

Usual Price: 5.99 Sale: .99

If you asked Ruby, she’d tell you she’s happy with her life. She’s tough and independent and doesn’t depend on anyone else. Winner of ‘In The Margins’ Top Ten Best Books for Teens Award 2015

Start Date: 08-29-2019End Date: 09-01-2019

Earth Inherited: A Short Tale of Planetary Plague & Astronomical Affliction

By Justine Avery

Usual Price: 3.99 Sale: 99c

Nothing sets the tone for the day like learning your home planet has just changed ownership.

Amy Vansant

6 Responses

  1. Jeannie Matthews

    Thank you for all you do for readers (and writers,) you are valued and appreciated.


  2. Cindi Knowles

    Congrats to the winner! I also want to thank you Amy for all your hard work to engage with your fans and for sharing your emence writing talent with all us fans every single day! We love you for it!


  3. Millie Corle

    I love your books and please don’t ever stop writing.


  4. Tanya

    Even though I did not enter, I enjoyed reading all the suggestions.
    Congratulations to the winners!


  5. Sandy

    I was very happy to have my title listed. I loved reading the other creative, clever titles.
    Thank you, and great job everyone!



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