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Holy Saran Wrap those are some tight jeans.

Name that Puppy Winners!

There were nearly 500 entries in the name the puppy contest! A lot of people remembering their beloved pets, a few photos, and a bunch of great names. Here are the winners of the free Pineapple Puppies ebook when it releases on May 24:

  • michele kuck – PIP (POWERFUL ,INFLAPPAPLE, PUP)
  • dianemcgee2000  – Itabit (IT-A-Bit say it fast)
  • Lois-sez – Chewbarka
  • Brandy Milton – Smoochie
  • Alice – Minimus Maximus
  • Darcel Siepak –  Lord Baltimore – Balti
  • BETH HART – Ozzie
  • Alexandra Komninos – Squirt
  • Robin Gardner  –Winston
  • Anna Ranjith  – Darth Sherlock (which is just silly)
  • Diana Searby – Spritzer (Harley in the picture is a bit of a spritzer…)
  • PJ – Clark Kent
  • Lynn – Einstein
  • Lone Wolf Afghans – Finnegan

And the winner of an ebook AND the signed paperback version…

Rose Ash – Magnum. Because the little darling reminds me of a MUCH younger canine version of Thomas Magnum from the TV show Magnum, PI. *chuckles* Seriously. Those eyes, “eyebrows,” and that “mustache.”

Yorkies do look a little like Tom Selleck, my mother had a crush on Magnum when I was little, and “Magnum” for a little guy is ironic, so it worked on many different levels!

Thank you for all your entries!!

GIVEAWAY! (this is a smaller event so you’ve got a better chance to win!)

Win Romance eBooks or a Paperback!


Start Date: 05-09-2019End Date: 05-31-2019

EDS (Medical Kidnap Files Book 2)

By P.D. Workman

Usual Price: 4.99 Sale: .99

When Katt is admitted to hospital with yet another broken bone, social services does the only logical thing, removing Katt from her mother’s custody.

Start Date: 05-21-2019End Date: 05-22-2019

Apple Die

By Chelsea Thomas

Usual Price: 2.99 Sale: FREE

You’ll love this clean cozy mystery, because everyone loves a down-on-her-luck sleuth who finds strength through solving murders.

Start Date: 04-24-2019End Date: 05-29-2019


By Emma Calin

Usual Price: 4.99 Sale: FREE

A lonely woman widowed by war, a heart-broken father and his wayward daughter. They all carry the guilt of ‘what ifs’ and ‘maybes’. Can they mend their shattered hearts? Can they allow themselves to feel love, to rebuild and find passion and joy?

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