Would you take Mitch Albom’s Ears for his Career?

Growing the hair a little extra long doesn't quite hide what are some AWESOME ears.

You probably know Mitch Albom best from ESPN’s “The Sports Reporters” and his best selling books Tuesdays with Morrie and The Five People You Meet in Heaven.  The guy has a charity for disadvantaged kids and he is obviously smart and talented… he has a lot going for him.

But if you are still reading, it is because you know there is one other interesting thing about Mitch. You have seen him on television or in person and you know this: He has otherworldly ears. This guy sounds knowledgeable on TV because he’s picking up a satellite feed directly into his head to help with research. DirectTV started billing him monthly just on principle.  You would think bats would be jealous but they’re just stoked to have somewhere to live.

So the Poll question is:

If you could have Mitch Albom's career - his best selling books like "Tuesday's with Morrie" etc. --- but in return you had to have his massive ears - would you make the trade?

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  1. Tim Sayles

    Christ, why would I want to be a *sports reporter*? Sure, I’d love to be a professional baseball player, but not the self-important dweeb in the bleachers with the notebook–or worse, the microphone.


  2. Tim Sayles

    Oh yeah, I forgot about the money part. Can I change my vote?…

    By the way, it’s not just that his ears are huge (and, mother of God, they’re huge), they’re also about an inch *lower* than they should be. Any lower and they’d be growing out of his neck…. Hey, maybe they’re gills?


  3. Pablo

    Mitch Albom’s ears are a minor genetic malformation … they are rotated posteriorly. Normal ears are rotated fully upward (cephalward).

    One of our med-school lectures covered him in our Medical Genetics course at Michigan State (a sports-crazed campus)


  4. Dean

    How shallow are people anyways? Who cares how his ears look? Why would someone? It does not diminish his talent or skills as a reporter or author. I love how sanctimonious, smug and downright ignorant people can be. Think your better than someone because of their ears? You don’t know how stupid your sound. I wouldn’t trade to be him not because of his ears or anything else. I am happy being me and I am sure he is happy being him. It really sounds like your not happy being you because you waste your time making fun of others


  5. Amy Vansant

    Well, that was sort of the point of the poll.
    I am sure he is very happy being him. Like I said, he’s got a lot going for him. The funny thing is, oh Watchdog of Justice, I don’t know how you even found this page (particularly on a day the Sports Reporters aired) without actually Googling something along the lines of “mitch albom ears.” Hm….
    But excellent point! I’d rather have his ears than your sense of humor. Or spelling. Because YOU’RE not good at either.


  6. mary

    I just finished reading Mitch Albom’s latest book, Have a little faith. I googled his name and saw it under many headings and all of a sudden I saw “Mitch Album’s ears”. I didn’t know what it meant but I was curios. After reading some of the posts I was glad I had just finished the book.

    Just thought I would ask all who were interested in Mr. Albom to take a few hours and read the book.

    Actually it is more of challenge! Hope you enjoy it!!



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